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November 26, 2013


Iím going to try something new to revive something old. Iíve not been posting any Ball Bearings for a long time now because I was overtaken by the short attention span process of Facebook but I realize that many of my friends donít do the time eating, mind numbing, pictures of my lunch posting plaything, so Iím asking the Webgator if he will help me compile some of my less irritating posts into a Ball Bearing and send that out on occasion. Letís see if he eats them for lunch. Picture please.

What have I been up to? Reading David Rhodes - Driftless, Rock Island Line and Jewelweed - in that order. Wonderful Iowa/Wisconsin novels and the story of Rhodes' life is as interesting as the books. Listening to Bill Carter acoustic with Kimmie and Gabe Rhodes (mother and son) at the Saxon Pub just a few blocks from my house. Cooking a big old lamb stew with carrots and potatoes. Planning a new record. Got the titles. Working on the songs. Happy to be home.

Texas history buffs - I'm deep into "The Son", a novel by Philipp Meyer. Louisiana history buffs - I loved "The Clearing", a novel by Tim Gautreaux. Music fans - Schermer and I been writing on some songs. Domino players - I won today! Of course, I'm the scorekeeper.

Plus, fun with the scanner! Another project which Iíll explain soon requires me to go through boxes of old photos. This is one of my favorite pictures. Backstage at La Zona Rosa with Lucinda Williams, Mandy Mercier, Katy Louella Moffett, Sarah Elizabeth Campbell, Charlene Hancock, and Rosie Flores. About 1991?

On Facebook people post old photos on Throwback Thursday: It was a pogo stick Christmas for Karen Dugas and me. Apparently, Van got rubber boots and a box of cereal. Must have been about 1958.

And while Iím digging in old photo boxes I unearthed this one. Someone sent a message asking if I had ever met Patsy Montana. Well, yes. On my first ever record, a 45, we did "I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart" and after researching the copyrights, we put Public Domain on the label. Two radio stations in the country played it: KOKE in Austin and KFAT in Gilroy, CA. Next thing I know, my phone rings and Patsy Montana says, "I hear you recorded my song and didn't credit me." Oops! So we talked, I explained and apologized. Patsy came to Austin and we played Soap Creek Saloon and the Kerrville Folk Festival. She stayed at my house. Knowing Patsy was fun, inspiring and one of the high points of my musical life. That woman could yodel! She kept her love of life and performing always. This photo is by Ken Hoge at Soap Creek in May, 1977

The band is taking a break for the next few weeks but December will find us all over Texas. Come out and help celebrate the holidays with us in one of these spots if you can.

Friday, Dec 6th - Trail of Lights Zilker Park, Austin (I will be sitting in with Ray Benson
and Asleep At The Wheel along with a few others)
Saturday, Dec 7th - Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheater, College Station
Sunday, Dec 8th - Sam's Burger Joint, San Antonio (Austin's Lauren Silva opening)
Saturday, Dec 14th - Odeon Theater, Mason
Sunday, Dec 22nd - Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, Austin
Tuesday, Dec 31st - Dosey Doe Cafe, The Woodlands

Weíre wishing all of you Happy Holidays, Peace, Love and Barbecue, Safe Travels, Warm Friendships, Cool Christmas Presents and Lots of Music in the New Year.