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September 10, 2014


Oh, dear! Sometime around Thanksgiving 2013, I promised to write more and less, that is, more frequent and shorter posts. So, here we are past Labor Day 2014 and Iím finally cranking one out. Ironically, in reading the last post I noticed that I had just made a "big old lamb stew" and was hanging out with Kimmie Rhodes, reading good books and playing dominos. Well, not one bit of that has changed including the stew I made last night. Maybe thatís the trigger.

One difference is that back then I was talking about making a record and now we have done it! "The Tattooed Lady And The Alligator Man" hits the stores on September 23 and we go on the road immediately. Not that we havenít been playing all over and for many good times all year long. Weíve had an exciting summer playing many of our favorite venues all over the country and we really appreciate seeing so many of you at our shows. Back in the spring we took a little time to concentrate on writing and recording the new CD. There are 11 originals on the new album and one cool Hank Ballard song, my excellent band and a couple of guests Ė Delbert McClinton and Terrence Simien, Red Young on B-3. Our good friend Tom Hambridge who we originally met on Delbertís Sandy Beaches Cruise produced. Get you one (or several). Christmas is coming!

Monsieur le WebGator has our fall/winter schedule updated and you can always write to us here, so if you want details or have suggestions about where we should play in your area or just want to shoot the breeze, come on.

If you enjoy staring at your computer, you can "like" the Marcia Ball Musician/Band page on Facebook and get inundated with news of our travels, pictures of our lunches, and the opinions of our fans (and foes alike). Just be sure you have downloaded our music and are listening to it as you navigate. We are a multi-sensory experience.

Life has a way of getting complicated and while 2014 has been a wonderful year in many respects, it is also the most difficult because my mother passed away in July. She had a rich 92 year experience in this world and instructed my brothers and me to not be sad. Not so easy. She spent the last five years in Austin, close to us, and while she would have much preferred being at home in Louisiana, it was a gift to have her here and we had many fun times and happy adventures. She made some good friends at the Summit where she lived and stayed in touch with the sweet people of Vinton who never stopped calling and keeping her up to date on the news there. People have been amazingly thoughtful and comforting.

Staying busy seems to be the best cure for most ills so, we keep on keeping on and find much joy in life and love and the music of our friends and Super Moons and good food and gorgeous cloud filled skies and grandchildren and their parents and projects and art and rabble-rousing politics and travel.

We are coming to your neighborhood soon, and if weíre not, figure out where it is we should play and tell them and tell us. Weíve got the Strawberry Music Festival in Grass Valley, California, Tucson, and Poway and Beverly Hills, California, Dallas and Arlington, Covington (the one in Louisiana), Bay St. Louis, Conroe, Atlanta, Live Oak and Clearwater, Florida, New York City and all up in the East and thatís just in the next six weeks.

And most of all - record release festivities in Austin Ė in the Waterloo Records store on 9/23, on KUTX live on 9/24 and at the One 2 One Bar on 9/26.

And donít forget the Sandy Beaches Cruise 2015! As the Gator sez: book it now, thank me later.

More soon. (Yeah, right!)

Well, apparently once I get started...